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Through collaboration with doctorSHARE, MAPID helps Indonesia fight COVID 19 with MAPS!

MAPID | 26 Mei 2020

doctorSHARE (Yayasan Dokter Peduli) is a non-profit humanitarian organization that focuses on health services and humanitarian assistance. They help many medical facilities In Indonesia from 19 November 2019. MAPID collaborates with doctorSHARE to map the needs of PPE (APD) in Indonesia. During the pandemic of COVID-19, medical experts are fighting this on the front line. Thus, their safety must be put on top. We are providing the information of PPE availability in each region from West to East Indonesia.

Through MAPID, people can see the distribution of PPE on a complete map with information regarding to which regions have sufficient PPE and which ones need to be provided. Donations are also open for those who want to help in providing PPE for the health care sector that is currently in needs.

Link to full story: https://doc.mapid.io/use_case/doctorshare

Link to map: https://geo.mapid.io/doctorsharecovid

Link to doctorSHARE: http://www.doctorshare.org

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