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Plug and Play Tech Center is the largest global innovation platform. Working together with over 280 Corporate Partners from various verticals, including Financial, Retail, Mobility, and IoT, Plug and Play has invested in over 600 startups throughout our 19 offices in 9 countries. Our success stories include Paypal, Dropbox, and Lending Club. 

On February 2016, President Joko Widodo visited our headquarters in Silicon Valley. Understanding the impact that Plug and Play had on the tech ecosystem in other countries, President Joko Widodo invited us to Indonesia. GK-Plug and Play Indonesia is the result of the collaboration between Plug and Play Tech Center and Gan Konsulindo (GK), a strategic business advisory alliance in Indonesia. GK-Plug and Play Indonesia's mission is to make innovation open to anyone, anywhere.

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President Invited Us to Indonesia

November 2016

President Joko ‘Jokowi’ Widodo on Tuesday (15/11) at the State Palace welcomed the founder and the CEO of a technology company, Plug and Play, Saeed Amidi.

Minister of Communication and Informatics Rudiantara who accompanied the President at the meeting said that the purpose of Amidi’s visit to Indonesia is to follow up the previous discussion with the President on February at Plug and Play headquarter, at Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, US. At that time, President Jokowi invited Saeed to invest in Indonesia as the country is planning to expand in e-commerce sector.

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Our First Demo Day

September 2017

Plug and Play Indonesia hosts demo day for 9 startups in its first inaugural batch.

Silicon Valley-based accelerator Plug and Play Indonesia hosted a Demo Day event for the nine startups that have made it into the programme in Jakarta. Attending the event were Plug and Play Indonesia President Director Wesley Harjono, Plug and Play APAC Managing Partner Jupe Tan, and Plug and Play Indonesia Accelerator Director Nayoko Wicaksono.

“The 11 startups that had been selected went through a process that shortlisted them to nine startups, which are set to join Plug and Play Indonesia. For the next steps, we will continue on guiding and supporting the nine startups until they secure deal from investors,” Tan said.

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EXPO 2.0: Tech for a Better Future

April 2018

GK–Plug and Play Indonesia introduces eleven startups from its Batch 2 Accelerator at Djakarta Theater XXI Ballroom in Jakarta, Indonesia. The eleven startups are Cheers, Datanest, Duithape, Dana Bijak, Gandeng Tangan, Gringgo, Indogold, Manpro, Trukita, Periksa.ID, and Weston. Adopting the theme of “Tech for a Better Indonesia”, these startups present their technologies before hundreds of esteemed guests including investors, government, corporates, and media.

“With this ‘Tech for a Better Indonesia’ theme, we hope to motivate the younger generation to be more proactive in contributing to the nation through technology. Through this Expo 2.0, we are introducing the eleven startups who are working in making Indonesia a better place. Continuing from the presentation, we hope the startups and guests could take on the conversation and work together. Let it be in partnership, investment, or other collaboration,” said Wesley Harjono, Managing Director of GK-Plug and Play.

EXPO 3.0: Innovation Empowered by Passion

October 2018

GK-Plug and Play introduced 13 fostered startups from domestic and abroad in Expo Day 3.0 with the theme "Innovation Empowered by Passion" at Soehanna Hall, Energy Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (16/10). In this batch 3 acceleration, GK-PnP not only focuses on seed-stage startup, but also on later-stage startup.

The accelerated domestic startups include, Bildeco, Circledoo, Gradana, Halofina, Tekno, Mertani, Konsulife, and Topkarir. As for overseas startups originating from the United States, namely Ceres Imaging, YouSolar, and Data Robot, as well as from Singapore, Resync.

We also held a panel discussion in the middle of the event consisted of Kaesang Pangarep and Chelsea Islan.

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EXPO 4.0: Innovation Beyond Limits

April 2019

GK-Plug and Play has succeeded in accelerating 16 startups fostered by both domestic and foreign assisted startups on the Internet of Things and Mobility, Food and Agriculture and Fintech and Insurtech verticals. In this 4th generation, there are a total of 10 domestic-assisted startups including Piniship, Logicnesia,, Rara Delivery, ATM Sehat, TernaKopi, Redkendi, Bizhare, Bandingin and PayOK and 6 overseas startups including Aquifi (United States), Intello Labs (United States), Magpie (Philippines), PolicyPal (Singapore), and Coinhako (Singapore). The 16 startups built by GK-PnP have graduated from an accelerated program for 3 months, where through this program, startups are provided with all the facilities to support the development of the startup.

The theme of "Innovation Beyond Limits" was brought to the Expo 4.0 which aims to inspire young innovators to be able to innovate without limits by utilizing technology. Entering the digital era and industrial revolution 4.0, digital innovations are now needed that are able to advance Indonesia's economy in terms of industry, not only startups that must innovate but large corporations must be able to innovate and carry out digitalization strategies in their business models to be developed.

Youth Dialogue '19

September 2019

This event invited a special guest which was Sophia the Robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics. We hosted the event together with Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, CSIS, and PEEC talked about future in AI with guest from governments (former) Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Rudiantara and (former) Head of Indonesian Agency for Economy Creative, Triawan Munaf.

Sophia is a social humanoid robot developed by Hong Kong based company Hanson Robotics. Sophia was activated on February 14, 2016, and made her first public appearance at South by Southwest Festival in mid-March 2016 in Austin, Texas, United States. She is able to display more than 60 facial expressions.

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EXPO 5.0: Leading Through Innovation

October 2019

EXPO 5.0: Leading Through Innovation -  featured 18 startups that have officially completed the 3-month accelerator program in Indonesia. The startups, which consists of nine 9 local startups and 9 international startups, will present their innovative solutions to a curated audience of corporates, investors, and government and media partners. As part of the program, GK-Plug and Play has provided these startups with exclusive access to its corporate partner network, funding opportunities, mentoring sessions, media exposure, and multiple industry workshops. 

Over the past 12 years, Plug and Play Tech Center has built the largest innovation platform by bringing together startups, investors, and blue-chip corporations. “We are now active in more than 25 locations globally, including U.S., China, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Mexico. As part of our ongoing efforts to catalyze technological advancement, we are proud to present Indonesia EXPO 5.0: Leading through innovation,” said Aaron Nio, Director of GK-Plug and Play Indonesia.

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