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Let's Help You Expand Your Market Reach.
Powered by GK-Plug and Play Indonesia, Global Innovation Alliance opens its 2-week program in Jakarta, Indonesia. This program is here to help Singaporean companies to progress by building your connections in Indonesia and understand how you can enter the Indonesian market. 
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Global Innovation Alliance
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Batch 1 Applications
The Global Innovation Alliance is an initiative by Enterprise Singapore and the Economic Development Board, and powered by GK Plug and Play in Indonesia. The program seeks to help Singaporean startups expand their market reach to the largest emerging market economies in Southeast Asia. We will connect you to the necessary business units, provide mentorship expertise and support from the Singapore Government
Program Benefits
Practical Training
This 2-week program consists of practical workshops that include an introduction to ID Market, growth, you’ll also learn how to scale your business and how to approach   address key business challenges
This program is Initiated by Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) and powered by GK Plug and Play Indonesia, startups will receive support and guidance from the Singapore Government.
Mentorship with Experts
Great mentors can help startups avoid costly mistakes and succeed in their goals. We’ll connect you to experts that understand the Indonesian market, business growth and industry leaders.
Access to a Network
of Opportunities
We’ve partnered with world-class organizations to bring you the best network and advice. Not only will you have the opportunity to connect with regional VCs and investors throughout the program, we’ll also introduce you to potential partners and investors through Plug and Play Indonesia.
Here's what you can expect:
Pitch Polishing & Virtual Recording
Our Indonesian sales expert will help you tailor your pitch effectively for Indonesian corporations, once you are ready we will have a recording session to share to our corporate partners and VC partners.
Weekly Check-Ins
The startup journey can be incredibly stressful. The Plug and Play team will do virtual check-ins by the end of the week to see how you’re progressing.
Opportunities to Connect
We’ll arrange for you to meet local partners and participate in conferences & industry events during the training sprints.
Highly Relevant Training
Every startup is different. We’ll tailor our training approach to your startup to keep it highly relevant and useful.
Focus Areas:
We are looking for Singaporean startups and SMEs who are looking to expand their business to the Indonesian market.
Logistics and Supply Chain
• Smart Warehouse
• Asset Tracking
Customer Acquisition and Engagement
• Loan Org System
• ERP for aquiring customers/ upselling / retention (B2C, B2B)
Enterprise Technology
• Robotic Process Automation
• Emerging Technology for Banks
Employee Management / HR
• Optimizing Remote Collaboration 
• Employee Productivity
Adaptive WiFi, Smart Homes Tech
• WiFi Connection at Home
• Content Filtering
• Remote Health Monitoring
• Outbreak Management/ Tracking System
• Symptoms Checker
Join us in the largest emerging economy in Southeast Asia
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