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8villages Collaborates with the Indonesian Railroad Company

8Villages | 29 April 2020

Fresh products distribution has been compromised since the Covid-19 becomes a pandemic. Ever since the Large-Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB) are currently in place in Indonesia in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, many markets both traditional and modern are being closed down. The restrictions are also affecting the decrement of the customers and merchants in the markets.

This made the government to take action by encouraging the Indonesian Railroad Company and Pos Indonesia to involve in serving fresh product delivery and collaborate with 8villages Indonesia, a company that provides marketplace platform of fresh products.

Sanny Gaddafi as the CEO of 8villages implies that the marketplace platform has been receiving significant demands to provide households with fresh products directly from farmers. “Ever since the PSBB take place, the demand is peaking up to five times than the regular. For that reason, we add our delivery schedule from once a week to three times a week,” said Gaddafi.

The marketplace is called RegoPantes, that can be accessed via website; and Android/iOS App. RegoPantes is a marketplace that facilitate the direct transaction between farmers and end-consumers in fair price. In that platform, farmers can sell their crops in better price than selling them in the conventional way.

“For the distributions, we collaborate with Indonesia Railroad Company through one of their subsidiaries; the Railway Logistics (Kalog). They provide us with the door to door service, so they will pick up the fresh products from the farmers and deliver them to RegoPantes’ hub in Bekasi,” Gaddafi explained.

Right now, RegoPantes has approximately 6.800 farmers registered from across the country. The collaboration with the Indonesian Railroad Company will be conducted throughout Java Island.

According to Gaddafi, freshly harvested crops is the first shield for the people in order to fight the spread of the virus. He also implied that this marketplace and the collaboration also help the farmers to sell their crops during the pandemic as the conventional demand is decreasing. “So, along with medical personnel, farmers also stand in the frontline to help us fight the pandemic, said Gaddafi.


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