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Appreciation for the Young Generation to Encourage Indonesia’s Startup Ecosystem

GK-Plug and Play | 15 April 2021

With a vision to broadly open the innovation, GK-Plug and Play continues its commitment to build the biggest startup ecosystem in Indonesia by holding EXPO 8.0: Empowering Innovation. This event is carried out as a token of appreciation for selected startups that have successfully completed the acceleration program in Batch 8.

The program that 10 startup participants went through for 3 months included activities such as: workshops, mentoring sessions with industry experts, and networking sessions with potential investors and corporations. Even though we are currently still in the midst of social distancing, the whole program still runs very well virtually.

"This is the second batch where the whole program went through completely virtual in the midst of the pandemic. In this EXPO 8.0 theme, we feel that this is something we have stood for since the last year, from how we adapt and thrive under various difficult conditions. One of the biggest challenges is how we can continue to maximize the benefits startups can get from our program. This year, we have 10 startups from different verticals such as: fintech, insurtech, supply chain, IoT, retail, and enterprise 2.0," said Wesley Harjono, Managing Partner of GK-Plug and Play.

Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the emerging market economies of the world. Alongside the rapid growth of the tech ecosystem and startups, now is the time for our country to become an active player in the global market rather than just being the target market of other countries.

Even though startups continue to increase in number along with technological advances, the right guidance will help them to accelerate their business growth even better. The ambition to be able to play in the realm of the global market is certainly not just a dream if they get the provisions that GK-Plug and Play has provided in the program.

In the EXPO 8.0: Empowering Innovation event, startups will pitch and show the innovations they offer as the solutions that investors and large corporations are looking for. “We will be happy to help facilitate any potential collaboration or partnership with the startups that will pitch today. We hope that many of you will find new ideas and feel the energy and enthusiasm of the participants," explained Wesley.

Here are the profiles of 10 startups from the GK-Plug and Play Batch 8 acceleration program:

1. Belanjaparts

Belanjaparts is a B2B e-commerce platform that helps our customers (i.e Manufacturer / Corporation) to procure industrial supplies more efficiently from retailers / wholesalers / principals with aid of technology.

2. Feedloop

Feedloop helps companies to digitally transform through marketing

and business process automation.

3. Gajigesa

Gajigesa helps companies’ employees to withdraw their current month's salary at any time to increase cash flow and reduce stress.

4. Imajin

Imajin is a manufacturing Hub to connect B2Bs who want to do manufacturing in Indonesia. Our market is the local market and also targets global players who need manufacturers.

5. Jagofon

Jagofon is Indonesia's first marketplace specialized in second-hand smartphones. Our mission is to rebuild trust in the second-hand smartphone market, with top quality yet affordable phones.

6. Rekosistem

Rekosistem is an end-to-end zero waste management startup that aims for a sustainable ecosystem. We improve the productivity of the waste value chain via tech-based solutions and renewable energy.

7. Sgara

Sgara or previously known as PasarUdang, is a startup focused on aquaculture, specifically shrimps, which help shrimp farmers increase farm efficiency through data.

8. SUGAR Technology

SUGAR Technology is an IoT and consumer electronics company that focuses on products that drive efficiency and convenience to the users with hopes that our products empower and enrich each of the users to do the things they need to do quickly.

9. TUK

TUK is all about providing great e-commerce and delivery tools to local businesses at a much lower cost than other services.

10. Wesurance Limited

Wesurance provides advanced InsurTech solutions to revolutionize the way people search, buy, and sell insurance.

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