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Exploring the International Space Station in Augmented Reality

Octagon Studio | 5 May 2020

Introducing the AR Adventure in Space, a mobile game application from Octagon Studio in collaboration with Venture Thinking for the UK Space Agency Space For All programme. This app aims to encourage young people and the public to explore the International Space Station in an exciting and immersive way. The game enables players to role play as a space intern and explore the International Space Station alongside Tim Peake.

Exciting features of the app include:

  • Augmented Reality. The app enables users to place a 3D ISS in front of them in our reality. Users are invited to observe both the exterior and interior of each module, and also read brief information about them.

  • 360 Exploration. Users are free to float inside the station and inspect what’s inside with a 360 view. They can watch videos narrated by astronauts and enrich their knowledge about various apparatus the astronauts use whilst living in space.

  • Ask Tim Peake. Tim Peake the British ESA astronaut is ready to answer some questions about his experiences of going on a spacewalk, having a cuppa in space, and many more.

  • Mini Games. Gamers can try to eat and drink in space, and capture cargo using the Canadarm.

  • Career Quiz. There’s a fun career quiz that looks at space careers on and off Earth!

App Availability The AR Adventure in Space app is available globally to download for free on the App Store. The app will be available for Android users on Play Store in October 2019.


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