First Look on RSPT’s PCR Laboratory

Nalagenetics | 8 June 2020

This May, Nalagenetics has been helping one of the hospitals in Kalimantan to set up their own PCR laboratory for COVID-19 testing facilities. Rumah Sakit Pertamina Tanjung (RSPT) will be one of the first private hospitals in Kalimantan (aside from national appointed/funded facilities) with COVID-19 Diagnostics capacity. Nalagenetics was involved in the entire process of building from the ground up, from designing the infrastructure on an empty land, into a fully operational facility with Biosafety standards. We conducted virtual training with their staff on how to run the tests, and continuous consultations for Quality Assurance. We hope this facility of RSPT will help the COVID-19 containment in Kalimantan and nearby areas.

Construction was rushed due to the critical needs in Tanjung. As resources and lab equipment are not all available in Kalimantan, most equipment and raw materials had to be transported from Jakarta and other areas in Java. Thanks to our great forwarders and donators who supported during the process, construction was completed in 3 weeks, with 1 week of training and now it is fully operational. A visit from Dinas Kesehatan this week might imply that there’s a high need for RSPT to become a national referral lab to facilitate COVID-19 testing across Kalimantan. Nalagenetics will closely monitor and fully support this process until RSPT becomes an independent and reliant referral lab for Kalimantan.

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