Innovation: Key Factor for MSME Survival

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MSME moving toward digitalisation

Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a severe negative impact on the Indonesian economy. As Indonesian MSMEs contribute more than 60% of the country’s GDP, saving MSMEs would be pivotal for the country’s economic recovery.

A survey conducted by Bank Indonesia (BI) revealed that 87,5 percent of Indonesian MSMEs were affected by the pandemic. Of this number, around 93,2 percent were negatively impacted on the sales side due to the disruption of in-person business. One of the key actions done by the Indonesian government is the MSME digitalization program.

Looyal Indonesia sees the concept of “going digital” has become a key priority for future Indonesian economic development. Through our mobile apps, we have developed a one-stop service platform for MSMEs, especially in the food and beverage industries to help business owners to make better business decisions every day through collective data insights. This allows them to make the best use of their resources, be more cost-efficient, and thus increase profitability

The Technologies Shaping the Digitalization of MSMEs

While e-commerce marketplaces provided lots of opportunities for a brand, several business owners are displeased when price wars and massive competition have become the sticking point. Looyal Indonesia enabled owners to create their own customized landing page as a platform to sell their products. This prevents the brand owners from getting involved in major competition with other sellers, as well as price wars.

Just simply add pictures, descriptions, and price, this module has the capability to also function as Digital Menu or online catalog. Integrated with various Payment and Logistics Providers, customers are able to purchase instantly and get their products delivered based on the method to their liking.

Our Point of Sales keeps track of all transactions that happened via both the physical store and the Online Order Module. The POS does not only process sales transactions, but also provides owners with real-time data & reports and helps them manage inventory, employees, and customers. Using our pre-built report templates & recommendations, business owners can make smart, data-driven business decisions to help them increase overall profitability.

Digitalization Made Easy

Looyal Apps
Looyal help to empower MSME

With the help of Looyal Indonesia technologies, MSME business owners no longer need multiple application software to manage their business operations. From settling online transactions until processing the data into business recommendations, all being managed in one app. Business owners are expected to increase their profitability and operational effectiveness.

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