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Monitoring Jakarta Floods with MAPID

MAPID | 22 February 2021

Jakarta is a flood-prone area in Indonesia. Every year Jakarta always experiences floods, especially when the rainy season arrives. The densely populated city of Jakarta is one of the causes of frequent flooding in Jakarta. The greater the population and settlements, the less the absorption of the soil so that existing channels such as drains, rivers, canals, and others are unable to withstand flooding when it rains.

The Ciliwung Cisadane River Basin Center (BBWS) under the Directorate General of Water Resources of the PUPR Ministry is responsible for the Ciliwung Cisadane river area which is the central area. BBWS Ciliwung Cisadane together with a startup from Bandung, namely MAPID, are working together to monitor floods in the Jakarta area. BBWS and MAPID collect flood data using the FORM MAPID, a location-based online form. Communities, as well as surveyors at various flood points, can fill out the MAPID FORM to report flooding that occurs in their area.

The data that has been collected through the FORM MAPID are then presented in the MAPID GEO. The information conveyed through GEO MAPID is in the form of a flood inundation area equipped with its height. In addition, there is information about the point that is used as the closest refugee location to their place of residence. MAPID also displays information about the flow of the river that crosses Jakarta along with the status of its floodgates. This information can be seen on the MAPID platform through We hope that the public will be helped by the information presented by MAPID.

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