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OpenLegacy to Accelerate Sequis' Digital Transformation Efforts

PR Newswire | 27 January 2020

PRINCETON, N.J. and JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 10, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- OpenLegacy, a global leader in revolutionizing enterprise digital transformation, was recently chosen by Sequis to speed up the digital conversion of its online platform.

Sequis, one of Indonesia's leading providers of health and life insurance, is just the latest of many enterprises to leverage OpenLegacy's technology for game-changing innovation. With OpenLegacy, legacy systems can be quickly integrated and extended to fuel the latest digital innovations, all without changing the underlying systems.

"Our customer base is becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and younger. They want to do everything online, from shopping for price comparisons to purchasing policies, and we have committed ourselves to becoming a leading digital provider," said Marlin Sugama, Chief Digital Officer, Sequis. "Getting our existing core system to play nicely with our app development was seen to be a long and complex process, until we discovered OpenLegacy."

"We're delighted to join Sequis on its digital transformation journey," says Joseph Wong, General Manager, Asia, at OpenLegacy. "Sequis recognized that the Indonesian insurance industry is agent and paper heavy. Their young customer base, however, increasingly prefers online and mobile interactions. OpenLegacy naturally became the technology of choice in connecting their legacy assets to digital applications."

About OpenLegacy

OpenLegacy accelerates the delivery of innovative digital services from legacy systems in days versus months. Our microservices-based API integration and management platform reduces manual effort by automating API creation, bypassing middleware complexity, while improving API performance and thereby staff efficiency. Our software directly accesses and extends business logic to web, mobile, or cloud innovations in the form of Java objects, Rest APIs, or SOAP. Most importantly, this process is not only fast, easy, and secure, but also unintrusive to existing system architectures. Business and IT teams can therefore quickly deploy to market the digital demands of their customers, partners, and employees without ever having to modernize or replace their core systems. Learn why leading companies choose OpenLegacy at

About Sequis

PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life (Sequis Life) was established in 1984 with the name of PT Universal Life Indonesia (ULINDO) under the management of Gunung Sewu, which later changed its name to Sewu New York Life (NYL) in 1992. In 2003, all NYL shares were acquired, and the company changed its name into Sequis Life focusing on serving individual and group customers through agency distribution channel that offers a diverse range of innovative products including life and health insurance. With more than 35 years of experience in the insurance industry, Sequis is committed to be the leading life and health insurer to answer the needs of Indonesian people. By the end of 2018, Sequis Life owns a total asset of IDR 18,4 trillion, serves more than 410,000 policies and is supported by over 14,500 professional agents.

PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life is registered and supervised by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK).

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