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Redefining the Possibilities of Automotive

Otomo | 22 April 2020

At Otomo, we are always thinking of how we can better utilize automotive in Indonesia to elevate the experience and increase the options of transportation methods in our ever moving cities. In the early 2010s, ride hailing start ups made it much easier to book a ride anywhere at any time, making a taxi service much more user friendly and easy. Now in 2020, Otomo is redefining what it means to have your own ride, by enabling commuters the same user friendly experience but increased reliability and options.

We want to empower everyone with the benefits of having your own car and driver providing you the freedom and comfort without the high costs of ownership. Instead of getting a different random car and quality every time you book a ride, or the headaches of not being able to find a car during peak periods, we want you to be able to focus on other things while your familiar ride is ready for you when you want to leave.

Using Otomo, you are now able to book your preferred car or driver every day at your own schedule or rent a car from a neighbor living near you. Even for car owners, you can make additional income when you are not planning to use your car instead of parking it at home or office unused most of the time.

What benefits will this bring to everyone in Indonesia? No more waiting, more commuting all with your desired ride.

Otomo just released and published our Mobile App on Android after the rebranding and business enhancements. Otomo published our Mobile App on Android after the rebranding and business enhancements:

  • Website is also redone from the ground up to reflect the new App that will allow people to book rides not just on a daily basis but hourly as well at their own schedule. This allows non car owners to be able to arrange their own schedule and enjoy the benefits of having their own car.

  • Customer app - Link

  • Provider app - Link


Otomo is one of our startups from Batch 6. Also want to get a chance to be one of our accelerated startups in our batch like Otomo? Submit your startups now for our Batch 7 by clicking this link

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