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STRONGBEE Facilitates The Increased Interest in Health and Fitness

Strongbee | 19 August 2019

The COVID-19 pandemic has awakened many people’s awareness of the importance of health.

Beyond the fear of contracting the disease, more people are realizing that maintaining endurance and boosting the immune system should be a part of their lifestyle in the “new


In the second half of March, Google searches for fitness-related keywords such as “home workout” and “olahraga di rumah” reached an all-time high in Indonesia. Consequently, the demand for virtual fitness classes also increased, as seen by on-demand fitness, sports, and wellness booking platform, STRONGBEE.

STRONGBEE offers 500+ options of classes that are held through live streams and limited on-

site classes that follow strict health protocols as guided by the government. Fitness and sports enthusiasts who prefer in-person training also opt for private classes with personal trainers who can visit their house or selected venue.

Moved by this rising interest, STRONGBEE continuously develops features to improve the

experience of finding, choosing, and booking the activities of your liking. One of the latest

features launched by STRONGBEE is the STRONGBEE Credit, a payment method that

enables easier checkout and cashback opportunities. The feature allows users to choose

classes, trainers, gyms, studios, courts, physiotherapists, events, or a combination of those with credits.

Aside from creating a better experience, we hope to motivate users to continue living a fit life

for the long-term. That’s why we also added an “add friends” feature along with it that enables you to view friends’ activities and build your fitness community. With this feature, we hope to create a fun and positive environment for anyone who wants to lead a healthier life. Simply go to click “More” on the bottom right of the app and “Friends” below your profile to start adding your favorite workout partners.

For STRONGBEE, these features are just the beginning of creating a platform that helps you

start a healthy life. STRONGBEE always aims to give access and inspiration to make fitness,

sports, and wellness a lifestyle.


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