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The Future of Industry: On The Road to Nestlé and GK-Plug and Play Collaboration

GK-Plug and Play | 4 January 2020

According to the research, the pandemic COVID-19 had a big impact on the economy as we can see on the graph the recession due to the pandemic has the fastest downgrades compared to all the global recession in 1990.

In a difficult situation like a pandemic, everyone is required to innovate. Reflecting on existing phenomena now is the right time to organize the future of the industry. Not only small and medium enterprises or startups but even larger corporations. How can the two of them stay in business?

Collaborative steps are also carried out by Nestlé in collaboration with GK-Plug and Play, which focuses on corporate Innovation in Indonesia. Nestlé as the world's largest food & beverage company, requires dynamic innovation both internally and through external collaboration. On the other hand, GK-Plug and Play as a platform for technology-based startups have the vision to expand the startup ecosystem and boost the country's economy.

“I have seen a lot of traditional companies fail because they are not embracing changes that are happening within the Industry, we are really proud that Nestlé Indonesia is partnering with us on embarking this new Innovation Journey.” Said Halim Hartono, Director of GK-Plug and Play.

We all know that relationships take work. There is no need for competition between startups and large corporations if they collaborate in the industry. They require compromise, balance and mixing up one another’s strengths and weaknesses. The same applies to business partnerships. Big or small, everyone is absolutely looking for that winning combination that brings out the best each party has to offer.

“Our collaboration with Plug & Play will enable us to expand our ongoing innovation actions. For over 150 years, we have continuously innovate our brands, products, systems and technologies to remain relevant, competitive and continuously being a force for good. We look forward to this exciting relationship which will surely accelerate our ambition in Indonesia through the dynamic start-up ecosystem locally.” Said Guy Kellaway, Communication Director of Nestle Indonesia.

As we know, COVID-19 has spread all over the world. The pandemic left no country untouched. It is often said that disease knows no borders. It does not care about our political differences, who we are, and it disregards the distinctions we draw between health and economy, lives, and livelihoods. Of course, this impacts everyone from the way we live even to the global economy. As companies of all sizes recognize this, and start seeking to harness the innovation and creativity of startups - collaboration and partnership fuels cooperation to solve current business challenges, together.

Many brilliant ideas that have slowly changed the world of business have come from startups. The ideas of technological innovation that many startups come up with, makes startups focused and passionate in solving problems faced today. Large companies can benefit from a well-structured partnership.

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