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The Journey to the Realization of Sustainable Ecosystem

Rekosistem | 25 March 2021

March is a great month for Rekosistem as an early-stage waste management Startup. Month to-date, Rekosistem delivers some new milestones in all metrics. Since the first product launch in June'20, month-over-month Rekosistem grows more than 160% index of the number of waste collection and more than 125% index of monthly active users. It reflects 3 times revenue growth by end of Feb'21 vs the product launch period (Jun-Aug'20).

The latest initiatives from Rekosistem also show great results. Since the Rekosiste App Launch and Reko Station-Rebox installation in MRT Station Blok M, there are more than 900 unique users acquired of the app with 450 transactions from only two simple features Setor Sampah and Rebox. It is projected to grow even more with the Repickup feature that will be integrated into the App soon. Repick has already become one of the key services in Rekosistem to realize the sustainable ecosystem, with this model Rekosistem successfully recycles and processes 90% of the total waste collected.

Last but not least, through all of the great results, Rekosistem's Co-founders, Ernest Layman and Joshua Valentino were selected as Forbes Indonesia 30 Under 30 2021. It is exciting to wait and see more innovation from Rekosistem and also environmentally friendly initiatives in the near future in Indonesia.

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