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The Opportunity of Vaccine Passport in Future Health Technology

Vaccine Passport Panelist
Webinar The Future of Healthtech: Vaccine Passport After Pandemic held by GK Plug and Play, Xendit, Indogen Capital, and Shinhan Future's Lab Indonesia

Vaccine passport, which has gained wide attention lately, is regarded as a solution for solving the multiple problems caused by Covid-19. Vaccine passport is expected to become a turning point to make life before Covid-19 back.

This trending topic is discussed during an online panel discussion held by collaboration between GK Plug and Play, Xendit, Indogen Capital, and Shinhan Future’s Lab Indonesia. The panel discussion carries out “The Future of Healthtech: Vaccines Passport After Pandemic” theme that is broadcast via Zoom on Thursday (30/7/2021).

The speakers during the panel discussion included Managing Partner Indogen Capital Chandra Firmanto, Head of Health Promoting University Universitas Gadjah Mada Prof. R.A. Yayi Suryo Prabandari, M.Sc, Ph.D., Head of Sub-Directorate Law, Advocate, and Public Relation Ministry of Health Rico Mardiansyah, and CEO of ZiCare Jessy Abdurrahman.

Jessi Abdurrahman (Zicare) mentioned that the pandemic plays a role in digital acceleration, including the health sector. Starting from the way of communication between patient and health worker to healthcare data processing system. Chandra Firmanto (Indogen Capital) has also added that the health industry has always drawn investors’ attention based on the profit and revenue perspective.

From the government’s point of view, Rico Mardiansyah asserts that they are always open to innovations that will serve and provide a better environment for both medical workers and patients.

Addressing Patient Data Privacy

The panel discussion gets more interesting as the topic leads toward the issue of patient data privacy. Professor Yayi from Gadjah Mada University stated that data privacy has always been a controversial issue and dilemma. On one hand, patient data is needed to create innovation at a reduced cost. However, when talking in terms of ethics, it is considered as breaking the line.

Currently, the Indonesian government is in the process of updating old-dated regulations to become more relevant and keep up with the latest technological trend. This step is taken to ensure that patient privacy is protected, without sacrificing the innovation process.

Thought on Vaccine Passport

Vaccine Passport simulation
Vaccine passport simulation presented by Jessy Abdurrahman, CEO of Zicare during Webinar The Future of Health: Vaccine Passport After Pandemic

For the concluding remark, all the panelists voice out their opinion about the vaccine passport based on their role. Jessi Abdurrahman (Zicare) responded that data integration is crucial in the health industry, especially when implementing vaccine passports. He also presents a short video teaser on how the vaccine passport works which his team is currently working on in cooperation with the Ministry of Health.

Prof Yayi also provides examples of smart devices that help to track student mental health which is similar to how vaccine passports work that trace patient vaccine records. Rico Mardiansyah added that vaccine passport practice will create seamless travel experiences that are fully integrated. Last but not least, Chandra Firmanto shared his closing statement that he is optimistic that for the upcoming future, Indonesia’s health landscape will be more innovative than before.


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