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Wesurance Receives Outstanding One Stop Insurer Solution in Fintech Awards 2020

Wesurance Limited | 25 January 2021

On January 12, 2021, Wesurance Limited was awarded the honorary title of “Outstanding One Stop Insurer Solution” at Fintech Awards 2020 by ET Net (received by Growth Strategist, Ivan Narendra). This award celebrated Wesurance’s innovative approach in developing an all-rounded insurance ecosystem to connect the right insurance products to people at the right place, right time, and the right price.

This year, the Fintech Awards 2020 had the focus on developing more portable and omnipresent Fintech platforms whilst maintaining a stable infrastructure and cybersecurity. Wesurance’s technology and innovation align with this year’s focus, as the API connection will make insurance products accessible from multiple channels and ease information exchange in a secure manner.

Wesurance was established in Hong Kong in 2017 with the intention to revolutionize the way people experience insurance. The founders, Eddie Chang (right), Natalie Fong (middle), and Francis Chen (left), believe that there is perfect synergy between technology and insurance, as it can help make insurance products simpler for everyone.

The goal for Wesurance in 2021 is to decrease the boundaries of digitization for insurers, as there is a need for them to adapt to a more digitized approach. Thus, by receiving the title of “Outstanding One Stop Insurer Solution” at Fintech Awards 2020, Wesurance is surely on the right track in making an innovative solution that is not only accessible, but also beneficial for the industry.

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