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Tackling the most difficult environmental issues of our time.

Bringing together game-changing ideas from different industries and countries onto one platform to solve some of the greatest environmental challenges that our society faces today. 

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Our Sustainability Programs around the globe
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Our Global Presence

“2020 is the year of sustainability and social impact. Companies around the world are waking up to the reality that sustainability is no longer a ‘nice to have’ in their company, but it is a must have in the company and their culture.” - Saeed Amidi, CEO & Founder of Plug and Play

No one can solve these problems alone. Together with the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, we have created 3 regional programs with the goal of finding and promoting local solutions and then cross-pollinating them into parts of the world that need these innovative solutions the most. 

Plug and Play Presence


Technologies that make an impact on plastic waste.

Technologies Covered:
  • Waste collection
  • Waste sorting
  • Mechanical recycling
  • Chemical recycling
  • Upcycling (plastics)
  • Waste materials exchange
  • River pollution prevention 

Circular Economy

Redefining the supply chain by eliminating waste.

Technologies Covered:
  • Green manufacturing & textiles
  • Upcycling & recommerce
  • Biomaterials 
  • Carbon reduction 
  • Zero waste 
  • Sustainable supply chain 
  • Waste to energy 
  • Modeling & analysis


Improving conservation and treatment of water.

Technologies Covered:
  • Treatment 
  • Digitalization 
  • Conservation 
  • Recycling 
  • Plant process optimization 
  • Infrastructure
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