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Bizhare Action in Facing COVID-19 Pandemic | 20 March 2020

Jakarta, 20 March 2020 - Bizhare, Equity Crowdfunding Platform Company implements Work From Home for all its employees as a social distancing step to prevent the spreading of the Corona virus in accordance with the government's call that has been in effect since a few days ago.

This certainly does not reduce the frequency of the performance of the Bizhare team which is currently opening investment in the Isla fashion business. "Because employee health is very important for Bizhare, we have implemented work from home for all employees starting from March 16, 2020. This is nailed down to prevent the spread of the corona virus from spreading" said Vincent as CEO of Bizhare. He also hopes that this issue will soon subside and the community can return to activities as usual.

In dealing with this pandemic, Bizhare also carried out a humanist movement titled #KamuLuarBiasa. This movement invites people to give appreciation to people who cannot work from home because of the demands of work and company policies, by giving appreciation in the form of moral and material support to those great people who still work outside the home.

Bizhare hopes that in the future the COVID-19 issue will gradually improve with the government and people moving quickly to deal with this issue.


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