Blitz partners with NinjaXpress to provide a transition into sustainable deliveries

We are bringing you success stories of collaborations between our corporations and future-thinking startups. Blitz is applied and listed as one of the innovation partners for NinjaXpress to provide transition into sustainable deliveries by using Blitz's electric motorbikes for their last-mile couriers. This project took just two months to completely execute and launch, and has been very proactive in their deployment, particularly throughout their busiest delivery seasons, such as Christmas, New Year's, March Sales, and Ramadan Lebaran Sales. Blitz Electric Bikes is now being deployed in North Jakarta (Sunter), West Jakarta (Kalideres), North Tangerang, South Depok (Cibinong), and South Bekasi (Burangkeng).

About NinjaXpress

Ninja Xpress is a leading last-mile delivery service company that provides flexible service options and an easy-to-use system that enables real-time package tracking. Since 2015, Ninja Xpress has been delivering success for local SMEs by organizing various programs that are ready to support the quick and strategic development of SMEs.

How it Started

Blitz and NinjaXpress were introduced by GK - Plug and Play during GK - Plug and Play Accelerator Program Batch 9 as Blitz was one of the cohorts in the batch. Synergies were instantly apparent after the first conversation, which took place in December 2021: Ninja would benefit from switching to Blitz's electric bikes not only in terms of reduced overheads due to lower fuel and maintenance expenses, but also in terms of higher productivity in their delivery output due to real-time usage and productivity statistics.

Key Takeaways

  • Ninja has expressed to Blitz that they have not been able to proceed with EV conversion of their bikes with the other players in the market due to various reasons related to business models and product performances. However, partnering up with Blitz, this was Ninja’s first step into a successful deployment of an EV related project.

  • For Blitz, it was another proof that their products are working with the purpose they were designed for: being most suitable for the clientele which we are targeting and working with in first mile and last mile deliveries.

Next Targets and Strategy

Blitz will continue to collect feedback and customize the product for the client’s needs. Further, they also explore what other areas they can assist the client in beyond just electric vehicles (infrastructure developments, manpower recruiting, delivery software).

Advice from Saivya as a CEO of Blitz for other startup founders to expand their business

  • Networking and building relationships are key for any business growth – without it your business will fail. Plug and Play has been tremendously effective in this regard, and he thanks them sincerely for all the warm introductions and referrals they have been able to do for us.

  • Let the market decide how it wants to use your product to achieve total product market fit. Keep iterating on the minimum viable prototype even after finding product market fit to always be ahead of the product development curve.


About Blitz

Blitz is a total end-to-end electric solutions provider for first and last mile delivery clients, catering to all needs and requirements necessary within the logistics and delivery industry. These solutions include electric vehicle leasing, full after sales and citywide battery network access, fleet management software as a service, and manpower services for finding drivers/couriers. Learn more at

Blitz is one of our portfolio startups in GK - Plug and Play.

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