WhatsHalal | 29 May 2020

FOX-TECH is committed to provide solution to enhance the perishable goods value chain’s risk management and policy compliance practises through WhatsHalal for the Halal Industry in Southeast Asia.

There is huge potential in the Islamic economy, as the State of Global Islamic Economy Report anticipates the Muslim population to reach 2.2 billion by the year 2030, with Muslim expenditure on F&B projected to reach $2.0 trillion by 2024. Muslims make up the bulk of the population in Indonesia and Malaysia, with Indonesia even having the largest Muslim population in the world.

However, there are currently some unaddressed gaps in the market. With over 300 officially recognised Halal authorities around the world, there is a lack of consistency, transparency and efficency across the supply chain from various halal markets. This often results in long delays and high costs for consumers.

The collaboration between FOX-TECH and WhatsHalal aims to resolve such gaps for the Halal Industry in Southeast Asia.

FOX-TECH empowers business owners to improve their operations through proactive monitoring using data analytics, and maintain the perfect cold chain for perishable goods. By partnering with WhatsHalal, they wish to expand their reach to the Halal Industry in Southeast Asia, providing a holistic solution to Halal providers.

WhatsHalal’s Assurance and Traceability Management System (ATeMS) is an agnostic platform containing global Halal standards, allowing companies to make quick and concise decisions to enter any halal market internationally with information of its products and ingredients. ATeMS is connected to WhatsHalal Global Halal Fabric which provides quicker referencing and retrieval of accurate up- to-date data.

Through this partnership, WhatsHalal is not only able to provide accurate and transparent information of both the provenance and processes, but also further assure consumers of the quality and safety of the products and ingredients at everystep of the supply chain, as FOX-TECH’s solution helps to enhance the granularity of information captured across the supply chain.

Right now, clients from Southeast Asia constitutes 55% of the total sales, and FOX-TECH is looking forward to expand aggressively in Southeast Asia increasing their presence by 95% in the next 12 months.

"We are proud to partner with FOX-TECH which has had successful applications in multiple industries, and we are confident that the integrated solution will be of value and enhance the confidence in the Halal supply chain,” expressed Azman Ivan Tan, Chief Executive Officer of WhatsHalal.

“The partnership between FOX-TECH and WhatHalal is powerful and disruptive for the Halal community. We believe that through our services, not only can we ensure the integrity of the products, but also provide a quicker approach to Halal certification, enabling businesses across Southeast Asia to offer their products across the region,” says Yadia Colindres, Chief Operating Officer of FOX-TECH.


FOX-TECH CO. ( is digitally transforming farming, logistics, cold chain, and manufacturing businesses to monitor, track, and improve their operation through their data analytics IoT Platform. FOX- TECH combine real-time data, easy-to-use applications with secure, low power, and high accuracy sensors. FOX-TECH is empowering business owners to have the required temperature and humidity changes alerts when it’s needed, while also providing a global coverage for monitoring. Their TEMPHAWK solution has helped business owners mitigate crises across the value chain in over 24 countries worldwide.

About WhatsHalal

WhatsHalal ( is a technology company based in Singapore focusing on the halal industry. We aim to provide a global halal data infrastructure that connects and digitise both the supply chain and certification platform internationally, ultimately providing true traceability and ensuring food security, safety and assurance. By using deeptech to simplify the process of getting halal certification, we can reimagine the Halal Industry for Industry 4.0 and strive to build a cohesive ecosystem from farm to fork, providing easy access to assured halal products and services for all consumers.


WhatsHalal is one of our startups from Batch 6. Also want to get a chance to be one of our accelerated startups in our batch like WhatsHalal? Submit your startups now for our Batch 7 by clicking this link.

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