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MAPID and MRT Jakarta Conduct Location-Based Surveys to Help MSMEs Around MRT Stations

MAPID | 1 February 2021

PT Multi Areal Planning Indonesia (MAPID) together with PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) conducted a survey to MRT passengers regarding the places they often visit when traveling using the MRT mode of transportation. This survey was conducted to support the plan of PT MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) in developing a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) based business.

The survey was conducted using the FORM MAPID, one of the products developed by MAPID. FORM MAPID is a location-based online form that can be used easily by anyone and anytime. By using MAPID FORM, the survey results were transformed into a map. The MAPID platform also provides a Statistical Resume which describes summary of all survey data.

The results of the survey which was conducted on November 23, 2020 show that the majority of MRT users or who are familiarly called “Teman MRT” use the MRT for work purposes. They prefer the MRT as a mode of transportation because it is pollution free. In addition, based on the survey results, many MRT users also visit interesting places around the MRT such as cafes, restaurants, shopping places, inns, and other places.

Through the technology developed by MAPID, MRT can also find out data on the distribution of MSME businesses and passengers around MRT stations in the form of maps. This will greatly assist MRT in making decisions, especially in decision making related to business development based on Transit Oriented Development (TOD).

In the future, MAPID and MRT will collaborate in developing Transit Oriented Development (TOD) -based businesses through mapping so that the MSME business around the MRT can be better planned and organized.

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