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Moodah went from zero, to hero!

Moodah | 28 July 2020

Moodah, a bookkeeping application for SMEs based in Indonesia has set a new milestone in 20th of July 2020, in which it has proven the saying “Nothing is impossible” for Moodah, and its users. After 1.5 months of journey since the first launch of Moodah, Moodah has helped 20.000 of SMEs in Indonesia to upscale their business through simple, yet powerful bookkeeping apps.

The initiation of helping the SMEs is based on the fact that there are still 51 million of SMEs in Indonesia who are unable to upscale their business. One of the biggest problems that SMEs are facing up until now is the insufficient information or mistake in financial record which comes from various reasons. For example, due to the close relationship between SMEs and its customers, the SMEs tend to have extensive and unmanaged credits from customers. At the same time, to record these credits, or any kind of transactions that occurred in the store, they are still using pen and papers. Their current method of using pen and paper, unfortunately, takes a whole lot of time just to create a proper financial record ̧ and not to mention, the risk of losing the papers is also huge.

Moodah, realizing that if the problem is not being paid attention to, will become a bigger threat for SMEs in Indonesia. In order to do so, Moodah has partnered up with several big companies and institutions who has the same vision and mission as Moodah. For example, a partnership with dompetdhuafa for qorban donation, and community collaboration with Koinworks, Smartfren, and Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. Through these strategic partnerships and creative marketing initiatives, 20.000 of SMEs in Indonesia were reached to try and actively use our free solution to the common mistake they have, insufficient financial record.

Considering that Moodah is just a small team consisting of less than 10 people, this is surely a big achievement for us. However, this is not a stopping stone for us, instead this is a stepping stone for us to further continue helping millions of SMEs in Indonesia that are still unable to upscale their business.

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